The concrete steel tube arch bridge construction of the longest single span in Zhejiang

November 1, with a total investment of 115 million yuan, the the started ceremony of WuXi river HuiMin bridge was held in SuiChang county of Lishui. GengLuoJia leader of Province transportation hall discipline inspection, announced  construction, some leaders of Zhejiang province attended  started ceremony, such as Sun FeiXiang, Nv ZhiGang, Ye ShaPing and so on. SuiChang county secretary GeXueBin made a speech and SuiChang county magistrate ZhangXiaoJiang chaired. 
SuiChang county the WuXi river bridge is the province key project. It is the concrete steel tube arch bridge construction of the longest single span, single span spans of 260 meters. This project is located in Red Star Ping village of Hushan countryside, and across the linen car west , the river, to bend the pits, located in the village of Liangshan head. This concrete steel pipe arch bridge construction of the longest single span is long 1.32 kilometers, among which, a big bridge of 372 meters, a tunnel 355 m. The project is designed on the secondary standard roads. Design speed limit is 60 kilometers per hour. The road is 8.5 meters wide, 10 meters wide subgrade, 12 meters wide bridge, and the construction period is 35 months.
    1981 years after the completion of the power station QuXian hunan town, leaving the river in the reservoir area highway all submerged. For many years, people on both sides of the Taiwan straits area only by ferry through intercourse, gave the local social and economic development with great difficulty. The river’s area is the province of low-income people concentrated area, the people demand of the river bridge, the construction and the desire to speed up the poverty have always been very strong. In 2008, former governor Llv Zhushan investigated in the river reservoir area. He putted forward to continue the implement of second phase of the project of poverty, try hard to radically resolve the reservoir area of the river the poverty problem. With the support of the provincial government, the municipal party committee some departments, the bridge construction have been set off.
    GeXueBin points out, the river bridge engineering has the very vital significance to improve the western rural travel environment of their county, southwest of rich fully develop ecological, cultural and tourism resources, which can speed up the creek reservoir area of the masses’ income to get rich river pace. He hope after the project starting, the cadres and the general people can deeply to the heart of Thanksgiving, active integrate, and actively cooperate with, build a relaxed and harmonious environment construction. The relevant unit, department and the general engineering builder should cooperate fully, conquer the crucial and difficult, and do our best to ensure that project implementation. Not only to speed up the process, ensure early being completed, also want to really ensure the engineering quality and safety.
    At the same time, we should have serious project discipline, strict capital management, strength audit supervision, and to ensure the project implementation and the safety of fund. GeXueBin also pointed out that the river bridge is the area of the bridge of the rich people, the bridge of the heart, hope bridge. Not only connecting the superior leadership of deep, also is placing the county-wide people’s hopes. It will give the construction of the river basins bring new opportunities of development, and it will inject new vitality to their county construction of long triangle leisure tourism city. He said, the county government will fully support for construction, make the river bridge to be a engineering with efficiency, high quality, safety and meet the demand of history and people.
    After the completion of the bridge, it will improve the travel way of SuiChang county town of western, fully develop the county southwest of rich ecological, cultural and tourism resources, speed up the creek reservoir area of the masses’ income to get rich and has the very vital significance. At the same time, the river bridge is an important part of highway from  SuiChang to jiangshan, which is planning. Also, it can make county of southwest tourism resources be fully development and utilization, so as to promote regional economic, social and SuiChang county leisure tourism development.

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