Ore price strong because China’s steel production do not want to take the initiative to cut

last two weeks by the three major rating agencies have repeatedly downgraded
growth forecasts and the market is slowing down on the double impact. Bronze,
as a representative of the large metal general was down sharply, steel of
course can not escape bad luck, billet bear the brunt, reduction
close to 290 yuan / ton, hot rolled thread active species, followed by a drop
in up to 200 yuan / ton. However, iron is very small decline,
down by only a mere 20 yuan / ton.

think that Mainly iron and steel enterprises in China are too scattered, if we
can together take the initiative to cut production, ore price might come down, But
now we have insisted on, and hope that he is the last cut of the price.

Steel Industry Association yesterday released the latest statistics show that mid-september
national key enterprise crude steel daily output is 1.6297 million tons, the
ten-day annulus comparing down to 2.27%; Estimated daily output is
1.9186 million tons nationwide, mid-chain by 2.31%. Although there have been
cut, but since late February this year, crude steel production has been in
since the day more than 1.9 million tons.

the eight months since the frequent fluctuations in steel prices, but has not
led to a large area of ??steel production, which explains the main reason for
the high demand for ore. 

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