Lgmi: Comment steel market

         August 25, the domestic steel market vulnerable consolidation.To the outer plate and the stock market today is good, but the performance of steel and electronic trading is still poor, that in the case of weak demand, the market can not contribute much.From the spot market, business calm and steady, but significantly worse psychological end cash shipments, a slight loosening of the early high prices, low prices can still take the goods.Currently there are markets around the arrival of another sign, but the amount is not great.Small business concerns focus on the late arrival, kicked upstairs operation increased.Short term, the arrival of steel is unlikely to focus on “low inventory, low demand, high cost” of “two low and one high” there will be no substantive change in the pattern, so the price is significantly less chance to adjust.Tomorrow Friday, according to the usual laws of view, businesses generally do not have significant action, and is currently a major adjustment of the soil does not exist, steel consolidation is still likely.
           According to Lange Steel Information Research Center market monitoring network shows that the domestic steel major cities §¶25mm average price 4960 yuan (t value, same below), more than yesterday, down 9 million; domestic major cities §¶6.5mm high average price of 5059 yuan lines,unchanged from yesterday; domestic major cities 5.5mm hot-rolled coil average price of 4837 yuan, more than yesterday, down 1 million; the domestic focus of the central city 1.0mm cold plate, the average price of 5552 yuan, more than yesterday, down 1 million; domestic major cities in 20mmaverage price of 4878 yuan in the board, yesterday fell more than $ 3.
         Main force of the rebar on the 1201 contract in early trading to 4,821 25 yuan / ton opening, followed by a wave of price shocks in the diving, fell to all-day minimum 4,788 yuan / ton and then pulled up again to close at 4,816 yuan / ton compared with the previous tradingJapan (24) settled down 15 yuan / ton, volume 341,162, 371,032 hand positions, increase 2,4030 hand.Raw materials, the Tangshan area 150 * 150 Carbon Billet 4460 yuan; Tangshan region 65-66 base iron powder dry acidic taste price 1490 yuan; secondary metallurgical coke price in Tangshan 1,980 yuan, are unchanged from yesterday.
         Steel Bars in the modern construction industry has a very important role, and now most of the steel is sold in sheet form. On Hing Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in producing H BEAM IPE IPEAA other products are manufactured using special steel billets, dimensional accuracy of its products and packaging flat, uniform chemical composition and its mechanical properties and stability.

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