Jinan steel stop using the groundwater which can save eight Daming lake every year

     November 14, the no. 7 pump station of Jinan steel plant was torn down which was watched by the 52 years old XingWenJun. Doing for this job for years, he and his four colleagues were transfers to wastewater treatment plant to begin of a recovery of sewage treatment new work. So far, Jinan steel plant’s water for life and production has said goodbye to all exploiting groundwater.
    From the biggest water users to no longer use the groundwater. The Jinan steel plant make the work of water cycle repeated use really, really well. XingWenJun recalls, “in the past time of using most water, our steel plant had 20 wells. Our pump workers work day and night with shifting work to operate just can keep to meet production needs.”
    Recorded history shows that the water consumption of Jinan steel plant had to take 18% of the total industrial water. So much water will be discharged after being used which is a waste of water resources and the environment. So Jinan steel plant decided to used water recycle up, and gradually reduce groundwater extraction. In 2005, Jinan steel plant builted the life sewage farm. Every day, the more than 7000 cubic meters sewage of living area will be produced collection and handling back for the production. In 2007, comprehensive sewage farm was revamped and built with a daily management of production and life sewage more than 33000 cubic meters, and a daily new replacement of 20000 cubic meters of water. In 2008, Jinan steel plant imported the Jinan DongLian water supply project, then used the Yellow River water. Plus the reuse water of mine water and recycled water, the production water basely no longer use the groundwater. In 2010, Jinan steel plant implemented the projectation of ZhangMaTun mine water resources use project. Mine water after treatment, water index is better than the national standard life sanitary standard for drinking water, began to become life drinking water. Finally it replaced the groundwater.
    In addition, Jinan steel plant keep change of using water with science, using less water, without using water, both meet the need to many details of saving water in process. According to energy utility plants vice director ChengPei introduced, Jinan steel plant establish the “high quality supply, grading, cascade utilization, small radius circulation, points area closed-circuit” train of thought. According to different processes of the different requirements of water, implement pure water, salt water, recycled water, polluted water to supply respectively. Part of used water of the process, some process can use again, such as steel pipe ¡¢steel bar and fence flushing, etc, which is using the ammonia evaporation waste water and rolling cooling steel water or recycled water; In the coking process, dry out replaced the wet out coke, the heat conduction oil substitute for steam; In iron making working procedure, the dry blast furnace dust all instead of wet dust…… In recent years, Jinan steel plant develops successively with independent intellectual property rights of the water saving technology more than 30, obtained the patent more than 10 items. At present, Jinan steel plant’s new water consumption dropped to per ton 3.18 cubic, which is among the best of candidates in the industry.
    The energy assistant engineer HuangNing said: by optimizing the structure of water resources, implementing water-saving technology, Jinan steel plant has stopped using the groundwater about 10 million cubic meters for a year. According to the data that the volume of Daming lake after expansion is 1.2 million cubic meters of calculation, it’s equivalent to save eight Daming lake of water.

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