Hot-rolled prices up and down dilemma

is about to leave, due to insufficient purity, at first glance, a bleak market
conditions, business undered heavied depression. Recent international
financial market violent shocks, hot rolling downstream demand downturn has not
changed, a situation of electronic dish sharply descreased….. All
this makes the significant increase in market panic, therefore, around the
country showing hot spot prices fall of scene, the market turnover remains in
the doldrums. Looking after the National Day market, even though
after the current hot-rolled prices deep down, pressure on the stock market is
relatively small, However, due to the current
hot-rolled steel production is still high, the downstream demand is low, the
fragile nature of market sentiment, cutting the price of steel and external
environment is not very optimistic, hot-rolled prices  is expected to weak shock.

Recalling the recent market, prices of hot-rolled
across the country are substantial fall, to general hot coil, for example, on
September 27, the national average price is 4703 yuan/ton, a monthly drop 13,
161 yuan/ton. One hot-rolled prices in
Shanghai plummeted 270 yuan / ton, other areas are now significantly lower.

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