YTC close cooperation with Baosteel

     Coated with non-ferrous metals market in order to overcome the impact of steel price fluctuations, for greater cost and resource advantages, Baoshan Iron & Steel Cold Rolling Plant, materials and spare parts purchasing shares YTC Distribution Branch conducted a number of communications, decided to launch partybuild, give full play to the unique advantages of party organizations, is committed to building four platform, communication platform that is the problem of coordination platform, a platform for project activities and resource sharing platform.Agreement to build a clear learning regularly organized visits to jointly set up commando members, the establishment of rapid response to the green channel within the party, life will be organized jointly, organizations and other forms of party building and the General Assembly to build the carrier.To promote the efficient work carried out to build, three tin capsules together to plan a green supply chain, improve utilization of grain tin, tin sludge recycling, tin market analysis of judgments and other four projects.
        Zhu Chun-sheng, Wang Yunshu said in his speech, the full support of three parties to build higher-level party committee, hopes the project implementation, deepen friendship, exploring new methods of work of party building, constantly enhance the breadth and depth of cooperation, to bear fruitful results.The signing ceremony, Baosteel party, YTC shares were also made party-building work party exchanges.
Recently, Baosteel cold rolling mill party, party materials and spare parts purchasing shares of Distribution Branch Yunnan Tin party signed agreement to build.Both supply and demand will be based on equality, communication, teamwork, win-win purpose, give full play to the unique advantages of party organizations, work together to create the most competitive enterprise value chain.
         Deputy party secretary of Baosteel Zhu Jun-sheng, deputy general manager Li Yongxiang, Yunnan Tin Group (Holdings deputy secretary of Party Committee Wang Yunshu attended the signing ceremony.
         Yunnan Tin Group is the world’s leading tinplate production and processing bases, is the birthplace of China’s tin industry, and its shares are set under the Yunnan Tin Mine exploration, mining, dressing and smelting and processing of tin in one large state-owned joint-stock enterprises, the current annualrefined tin about 6 million tons, accounting for more than 40% yield.Tin plate is Baosteel’s leading products, after 10 years of development, Baosteel has become the largest production capacity, and most complete china tinplate prouducers, the annual output of 120 tons.YTC cooperation with Baosteel began in 1998, Baosteel is currently required by the Yunnan Tin Tin all grain supply.In 2007, Baosteel and Yunnan Tin signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.

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