US DoC finds subsidization on imports of steel wire garment hangers Vietnam

On May 30th 2012, the Department of Commerce announced its affirmative preliminary determination in the countervailing duty investigation of imports of steel wire garment hangers from Vietnam.For the purpose of CVD investigations, countervailable subsidies are financial assistance from foreign governments that benefit the production of goods from foreign companies and are limited to specific enterprises or industries, or are contingent either upon export performance or upon the use of domestic goods over imported goods.Commerce preliminarily determined that Vietnamese producers exporters have received countervailable subsidies of 11.03% to 21.25%.

Commerce preliminarily determined that South East Asia Hamico Export Joint Stock Company (SEA Hamico), Nam A Hamico Export Joint Stock Company (Nam A), and Linh Sa Hamico Company Limited (Linh Sa) (collectively, the Hamico Companies) and Infinite Industrial Hanger Limited (Infinite) and Supreme Hanger Company Limited (Supreme) (collectively the Infinite Companies) received countervailable subsidies of 21.25% and 11.03%, respectively.All other Vietnamese producers exporters received a preliminary net subsidy rate of 16.14%.As a result of the preliminary affirmative determination, Commerce will instruct US Customs and Border Protection to collect a cash deposit based on these preliminary rates.

 Pursuant to a change of practice announced in accordance with Commerce¡¯s Trade Law Enforcement Initiative, for investigations based on petitions filed on or after November 2nd 2011, Commerce requires importers to post cash deposits rather than bonds to cover estimated duties between the preliminary determination and any subsequent order (76 FR 61042, October 3rd 2011).The petitioners for this investigation are M&B Metal Products Company, Inc. (Leeds, AL), Innovative Fabrication LLC/ Indy Hanger (Indianapolis, IN), and US Hanger Company, LLC (Gardena, CA).The merchandise subject to this investigation is steel wire garment hangers, fabricated from carbon steel wire, whether or not galvanized or painted, whether or not coated with latex or epoxy or similar gripping materials, and or whether or not fashioned with paper covers or capes (with or without printing) and or non slip features such as saddles or tubes. 

These products may also be referred to by a commercial designation, such as shirt, suit, strut, caped, or latex (industrial) hangers.Specifically excluded from the scope of this investigation are (a) wooden, plastic, and other garment hangers that are not made of steel wire; (b) steel wire garment hangers with swivel hooks; (c) steel wire garment hangers with clips permanently affixed; and (d) chrome plated steel wire garment hangers with a diameter of 3.4 mm or greater.

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