U.S. steel imports in July were down 4.5%

         U.S. Commerce Department’ data show that in July 2011 for the U.S. steel imports 2.344 million tons, up 6.6 percent, a decline of 4.5%, which lower than expected. 1-7 months total U.S. steel imports 15.63 million tons, an increase of 21.9%.

         Watching from varieties, in July  Steel Bars, wire rod, ERW Steel pipe and plate imports decreased significantly, the hot roll, cold roll and H BEAM IPE IPEAA imports in the growth of thermal volume increase of up to 43%.Compared with the same period last year, in addition to semi-finished products, wire rod and rebar, the other steel imports have increased significantly, with the other steel pipe is basically the same.

         Source of imports from countries and regions, except the European Union, Central and South America and Japan, in July, from other countries and regions of the imports are lower than the previous. Compared with the same period last year, from North America, Turkey and CIS imports fell significantly, from China, Central and South America and South Korea, a higher increase in imports. July U.S. imports from China of steel 142,000 tons, an increase of 64.8%, a decline of 3.7%.

        The latest import license show, as of August 28 to August, the U.S. steel import license number was 185 million tons, lower than the value of the same period in July, August, U.S. steel imports will continue to decline.

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