U.S. steel companies request government to increase in import tariffs


According to Reuters, on January 10, the U.S.steel companies formally requested to theU.S.government, which they asked for all developing countries to increase tariffs on steel imports. They complain that a large number of steel products from developing countries enter theUnited States. This led to theUnited Statestrade protection measures implemented since in early 2002 that the practical effect greatly reduced.

     BecauseMexico,Canadaand other countries be exempted, so these countries¡¯ steel exports increased significantly to theU.S.According toU.S.statistics, the first 10 months in 2002, 1.6 million tons of flat steel exported by developing countries to theUnited States, however, annual flat steel exports in 2001 to reach 1.2 million tons. Developing countries¡¯ flat steel exports to theU.S.share of 13% in in 2001, this ratio rose to 22% in 2002.

Since the Bush government increased by nearly 30% of the tariff for most of steel imports, theU.S.domestic steel prices rose sharply, so the iron and steel enterprises turn to profitability. But theU.S.iron and steel enterprises complained in the letter that although steel prices since $ 220 / ton in January 2002 rose to $ 400 / ton in July 2002, but in December 2002, the price has been reduced to $ 300 / ton, and further signs of decline.

In addition, theU.S.steel companies have to deal with the price movement of carbon steel, angle steel, steel section and galvanized steel. In fact, the price change will bring about market volatility.

The Steel capital ofU.S.became the high-tech base

Pennsylvania, located in West Pittsburgh, was the old industrial bases in the northeasternUnited Statessteel center. It is also the famous “smoke city.” After 30 years of hard exploration,Pittsburghwas successful of transformation that may provide some reference toDetroit.

 Renaissance Pittsburgh is known as “creative subversion” .In the 1990 s, many people still hold the illusion of salvation Pittsburgh through the original steel industry. But Mayor Tom Murphy announced to the public, “forgetting the past.” Abandoned steel plant give the business district, retail centers, residential areas and public activity area. RelyingWashingtonUniversityand other universities, the medical, education and technology industry has become the main pillar of the economy and then Google even settled inPittsburgh.

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