U.S. steel companies have anti-dumping investigation to Asian steel

Including U.S. Steel’s number of steel
mills requested the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) for the nine
countries and regions, mainly Asian imports of some petroleum and natural gas
industrial use steel pipe carrying on anti-dumping investigation. Countries and
regions involved in include India, South Korea, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia,
China Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey and Ukraine. U.S. mills require steel
from those countries to impose anti-dumping duties, and requests for imports
from India and Turkey of steel imposition of countervailing duties.

In recent years, the U.S. trade
protectionism trend evident warming, many countries and regions of the world’s
steel imports for strict control, especially directed against China. This year
in March, the United State steel also urged the ITC to take action for steel
from China. In fact the United States has imposed anti-dumping and
countervailing duties for most of China’s steel products include a variety of steel
pipe and steel wire.

Last year in March, US Congress started the
legislative process, quickly completed the countervailing bill changes, which retained
commodity taxation powers on China and other countries to obtain government


Relate news: Vietnam will impose anti-dumping
duties for China imports of stainless steel

Vietnam News Agency reported on the 6th, Vietnamese
Ministry of Trade and Industry has decided to carry on anti-dumping
investigations and anti-dumping measures for cold-rolled stainless steel imported
from China, Malaysia, Indonesia and China Taiwan.

is reported that surveyed commodities including carbon content less than 1.2%
and a chromium content more than 10.5% of cold rolled stainless steel coil or steel section. This stainless steel suits
for the production of furniture, such as wash basins, tubular furniture, hot
water system, auto parts and building materials.

Currently, Vietnam imposed 0-10% import
duty on the stainless steel, which makes so many Vietnamese domestic
enterprises under deficit, therefore, various domestic steel enterprises require
to levy 20 to 40 percent anti-dumping duty from the stainless steel.


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