Today’s China Steel Market Sitution

Today’s China Steel Market Sitution

June 9th,2015

China Steel Price Small down aftter long time stable, and rebound in some market.

June 8th,2015,SHCNSI IS 60.74 POINTS,DOWN 0.72%,Inclue the length products SHCNSI IS 65.54 points,down0.97%,flat products is 54.99 point,down 0.54%.

For the main Steel items,the Wire Rod SHCNSI is 63.73 points,down 1.03%,Reformed bar 65.37 points, down 1.16%,Mild Plate 52.83 points,down 1.2%,Hot Rolled Coil 53.71points, down 0.42%,Cold Rolled Coil 51.61 points,down 0.4%.

Today China Steel market price come down a little with main trend stable and rebound in some market.

Structure Steel Items price rised in Guangzhou,BaoTou,but other markets with price 10-20RMB/MT downing trend;

Middle Plate,most markets with down trend, range from 10-30RMB/MT.

Hot Rolled Coils keep stable, but also has little down for the price.

Cold Rolled Coils price coming Stable.

Color and Galvanized Coils meet the same situation as Hot Rolled Coils.

Current China Market price for some main steel items today:

8mm wire rod:2366RMB/MT

HRB400 20MM 2258RMB/MT


5.75MM HRC 2398RMB/MT

1.0CRC 3073RMB/MT

1.0GAL Coil 3765 RMB/MT average.



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