TISCO stainless steel impressive 2011

    Since 2011, TISCO Stainless steel bars Company in accordance with the “market ability” to organize production, the face of the contract specifications and more complex process of adjustment of production management of strong, continuous optimization process route, from the production of a variety of difficult problems appear to startIn the process reserves a certain amount of common specifications and semi-finished materials used, to avoid the problem of shortage of billets;
     Trial scheduling system day, week, month one of the planning model, which requires planners expect the finished product from the track in the end vote; technical quality, through the process line to sort, summarize, the standard, established a technology roadmap thatsimplify the preparation process; size volume contracts for single variety of circumstances, the process of establishment of a database has been optimized to improve process flow of card catalogs and specification details, so that the preparation of cards in circulation issued more quickly;  
     By heat treatment, degreasing and other aspects of the process optimization to improve the efficiency of the product heat treatment, the acid stains, watermarks and other issues to get a better deal; ongoing refinement of the device management process for the incoming cold-rolled high accuracy of this issue, a reasonable adjustmentrolling process, the cold rolling process production month record high levels.
     July, TISCO Stainless ERW Steel Pipe Seamless Stainless Steel 1047.8 tons to complete and achieve the highest since the company put into operation.1 July, total users, total contract increase of more substantial than the previous year, more than 20 products used in industry sales over the outside of all regions except Tibet, to honor the contract rate, product quality, sales revenuerecord high.




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