The wind blew up lead to the building exterior wall peeling that hit the downstair car

    When Mr. Rice was visiting his father-in-law in his house, he was told that his car, parked in the community, was hit by the falling outer concrete slab walls of a near tall building. Mr. Rice indescribably depressed.
    November 7th, Mr. Rice visited his father-in-law with his wife and children who lived in the family members’ community of education department in Shengli Road, Urumqi. The afternoon 18:00, his children who were playing in the family members’ community ran back and said his car was broken. Mr. Rice listened and hurriedly ran downstairs. He saw next to his car was some floor slab and external wall thermal insulation material. His car was scratched with different degree on two of the left door and one of the right door . And the front windscreen of a white car parked next to Mr. Rice¡¯s was all smashed. At present the owner has driven away the car to repair.
    “At that time I found that the outer walls of the high-rise office autonomous regions education department had a bare outer, and I estimated winds were to blame. So I called the staff in the service center of autonomous region education department, but he said that the leadership was not to work on the day and did not give a solution. I asked the insurance company and the workers said that this situation was not within the scope of claims.” Mr. Rice said.
    On November 8th, early in the morning, reporter of Xinjiang metropolis daily came to the family members’ community of education department in Shengli Road, Urumqi. Some vehicles were parked in the open area of the NO.9 building of family members’ community. It distances the education department’s office building only a fence panel. some concretes were scattered on the open space. Standing in the open space and watching on the office building of education department, , there is an area of about 20 square meters of bare outer wall on the NO.9 building. The fallen external wall thermal insulation material were piled up in the corner of the office building. The stair next to the office building, a path to the NO.9 building, is blocked by board, cloth and steel bar. And there posted a “high falling objects, no thoroughfare” warnings near the stairs.
    Mr. Rice said: “my car was parked in this open area that day. Usually, a lot of people use this path to the community. Since the accident yesterday, the workers blocked up here, and  this piece of warnings was posted yesterday afternoon.”
    In the space of the open area near the stairs, the car of Mr. Rice is still parked there. There are many sags near the driver’s two door and beams , especially behind the driver’s door were severe depression.
The paint of the car door was also scraped away and got many scratches.
    To this, director Lee of the autonomous region provincial authorities service center said they already learned Mr. Rice’s reflects and the workers have mobbed the fallen off place and posted a warning signs to prevent accident happening again. November 8th, work personnel will contact with the owners of the damaged car to know the situation, and make a consultation with the owners. All the repair expenses of the car will be assumed by the service center.

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