The United States limit Chinese steel pipe to export

    A few days ago, a farce about steel internal mutual battle by the USA has shown on the world stage. October 10, the United States international trade commission (ITC) made the preliminary decision about the existing substantial damage of thin-wall rectangular steel tube, which had been exported to USA. This is the American in just a month made the third time attack to our country of steel. Before it, the United States has case ruled to our country’s steel bars, weld steel pipe about anti-dumping countervailing.
    But, on the one hand, the United States steel enterprise have demanded the USA government to punish our exported steel products in harshly. On the other hand, the internal of USA had argued for the steel tariffs continually. A few days ago, the United States representative of the auto parts suppliers–auto and equipment manufacturers association urged the USA government to cancel the tariffs on steel imports. They said tariffs had brouht the American auto industry continue to “suppress”.
    “A higher price of steel and imposed tariffs will damage auto parts enterprises. And originally, this industry was in bankruptcy and huge losses. The tariffs not only increase the steel tube prices, it even make the industry whether can buy steel become a difficult problem. The steel industry has been able to be a very good profit. Now it is also the time to eliminate duties.” The person who is in charge of the MEMA government affairs, named AnnWilson, said, the American automobile industry has been facing many challenges. Unfortunately, steel tariffs make the situation worse. He revealed, the American auto parts suppliers would add to the vehicle manufacturers team to call for cancel steel tariffs.
    Analysts believe that the American auto and equipment manufacturers association’s revolt of the American steel enterprise fully exposed the conspiracy, which reveals the U.S. government intent on making China steel products in the export of friction. At the same time, Sinosteel association deputy secretary-general ZhangJinGang also said that the U.S. government should face international steel market normal competition. In fact, our country now has the export tax rebate system actually not subsidies but to restrict exports of steel, so the U.S. government ruling is groundless.
    The statistics show that, in September, China’s crude steel production is 41.25 million tons, an increase of 14.5%, raw iron production growth production 39.67 million tons, up 13.2%. For now, iron and steel production in China continue to remain stable increase pace in July. If the steel production stable growth, the steel production of China will record a new historical highs in this year, which undoubtedly increase the export pressure of steel products. Although the Chinese government has adopted a series of measures to limit the steel products export too fast growth. Relevant departments may also increase the restrictive measures. But because now the global integration in economic level more and more deeper, the international steel product prices obviously higher than domestic. So in the next half year, China’s steel products in the export should not be down too much.

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