The steel traders: the numbers do not seek profit, but rather not lose

     Large steel company in Tianjin: Tianjin Steel Pipe Sales Co., Ltd. Yu Chang has turnover in general, look at the overall market, the relative magnitude of almost all varieties of fall.In fact, has a strong steel market integration and linkage between the recent international capital markets, especially since the United States until the Italian, Spanish brought the debt crisis, resulting in European stocks fell, affected thereby affecting the domestic futures steel price.Currently more bearish on the future of that loss.Ship also, this time steel prices have been volatile activity in the international factors, the market is less clear circumstances, the main business to see what kind of initiatives.In fact, the recent demand still has some support, after all, prices are currently in upside down times, we take appropriate low-cost sales, inventory digestion, maintaining a low inventory status, not for profit much, but rather not lose.
        Tianjin Pipe Corporation Fonda Shuo Zhou said the company pay close attention to international economic trends, the operation carefully, ship and stabilize the main, do not take risks, make money does not matter, but rather not lose.Stage of the recent market can grasp the future, said a loss the same as the public business.
        On Hing Industrial Co., Ltd. Steel Bars produced by high mechanical strength, good ductility, toughness, cold resistance and weldability, are widely used in large and medium-sized steel reinforced concrete structure of the force.Also includes a series of production of Tinplate, ERW Steel pipe and other products, the company solemn promise of “perfect quality, low prices, excellent service” to provide users with quality service.

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