The steel pipe industries of various regions are looking for a way out

    Hebei colorful packaging of steel pipe have gotten four national patents

    Reporters, in the Tangshan Iron and Steel pipe Company’s packing site of cold-rolled product, see the packer Tang Jianbo is packaging the cold-rolled galvanized products in green pack ribbon. Calm and elegant green shield each other with silver outer, exceptionally beautiful. The first 10 months of this year, Tang steel pipe has sold abroad 1.88 million tons high-quality cold-rolled steel tubes, all with a color visualization package. “There is such high quality, beautifully packaged product shipped to Germany, can increase 100 yuan per ton!” Germany’s second largest color-coated by Sprint Cole, chairman of the dealer has detailed here after watching the whole process of packing exclaimed.
    At present, cold-rolled products industry generally take the form of ordinary packaging, packing with only one monotonous color, can not distinguish between the coil visual variety, and corrosion resistance with less packaging, product transport and wet conditions in the ocean difficult to maintain clean and beautiful appearance for a long time. Tangshan Iron and Steel was the first visualization of cold-rolled products, packaging, from the date of October 1 last year, formally launched color visualization package, developed red, blue, green, black four-color packaging with a quality much higher than ordinary types. Now covers all the cold-rolled products. Tangshan Iron and Steel cold rolled products in the sales process, the appearance alone can distinguish between coil packing varieties, reducing the labor intensity of logistics to improve the internal efficiency of logistics. Added color packaging film, anti-rust packing with a full-featured enhanced products effectively delay the corrosion resistance of a more humid environment, such as more suitable for long ocean transportation, enabling product preservation.    
    Tangshan Iron and Steel Factory’s new business research and development of metal packaging packaging color visual appearance has gotten four national patents. The project of “cold-rolled steel coil packaging visualization research and development” won the national social security system of quality human resources management team second prize, the metallurgical industry in Hebei Province QC Achievement Award.

    Hubei Province will fully examine emission reduction projects of steel tube industry

    “Comprehensively inspect the fire power, steel tube, cement, paper, textile, and other key urban sewage treatment emission reduction projects, which is seriously lagging behind the progress of reduction of the county, city or district government and the responsible persons will have a conduct interviews, early warning.” Yesterday Provincial Department of Environmental Protection to deploy end of the year pollution reduction in 2011 to ensure completion of tasks.
    Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, said they will focus on this year’s supervision issues identified emission reduction projects, comprehensive diagnostic survey state-controlled, provincial control of pollution sources on-line monitoring systems, sewage treatment plants in the control and the construction and operation of online systems, urge problem enterprises by the end of Decemberthe complete rectification. They will organize the province’s environmental monitoring team, special supervise the handling enterprises since 2008, implement “one person one plant,” mill responsibility, comprehensive solute the environmental law issues. Also they will sent a working group, on-site supervise the reduction of slow progress in key areas, highlighting the key environmental issues emission reduction projects.    
    It is reported that Hubei Province will introduce a “construction project in Hubei Province control emissions of major pollutants Interim Measures” and “Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Regulations of Hubei Province”, promote total pre-approval of construction projects and strictly control the total additional pollutants amount.

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