The problem of “thin body steel bar”

Building materials need clank iron character and not gentle and graceful figure, this is the word of all know by elementary school students. However, in Lanzhou city, Gansu province of some of the building materials market, constantly “thin body” of steel bar but beyond national standard deviation of four times, and openly in the market to sell, and formed a “supply and marketing two prosperous” of power.

    “Thin body” of steel bar of course not to appear steel towers in the appearance, but cut corners and exorbitant profits. According to the calculation, a ton of “thin body steel bar” profits in 1000 yuan of above.If to build 10000 square meters of residential calculation, the use of “thin body steel bar” to “save” out of more than 50 thousand yuan. It is because of buyers and sellers huge profit to make this “business” becomes “a may play a may get”. In fact, “thin body steel bar” scandal is not the first time into public’s view.

Last September, the Xinhua News Agency had published the news that hundreds of site used “thin body steel bar” in Xian. In May of this year, a Ninghang’s construction unit for High Speed Rail reinforced the steel bar by themselves to save expenses.

In July, a group of “thin body steel bar” unexpectedly had been transported to guarantee room engineering in Wenchang of Hainan. Such things appear more, let more people to the building materials quality jittery.

We make a such logic reasoning. if we use substandard building materials, it must be a “problem building”. The safe hidden trouble will broke out at any time. If both parties ignore the existing of credit, and even collaborate with the form of interests chain. Then inferior building materials are likely to deceive people.

This is because the regulation of “thin body steel bar” is not by local attention and some of the internal market management anomie. For example, the local supervision departments which are responsible for quality believes that without the arrange of the upper department, we may be in the routine check task under heavy and let the such illegal trade of steel bar is “ignored”. It’s so easy to be some illegal enterprises and cunning businessmen use legal shenanigan to cash in on steel bar by this type of the way of supervision. Look at the black market of “thin body steel bar”. It has been partitioned the more than thirty percent of the market share, actually has not been completely uprooted, leaving only a supervision department’s cavity helpless.

This had to let us think of another problem that even if the punishment, maybe there is also an embarrassed problem of the low illegal cost..

In October, the ministry of commerce and industry of Guangxi Lingui county dealt with the “thin body steel bar” case. But they only confiscated the productsfor and revoked the operator’s business license. In the Hainan Wenchang case, they also suspended inspectionin of two persons. These insignificant illegal cost can’t compare to the serious social consequences of building collapsed.

    We should say that, these years, in the completement of system, we improve the industry admittance threshold and new awarded the concrete structure engineering construction quality acceptance standard “, but also the steel bar’s weight deviation on a “must check project”. But a system does not equal to perform. Many small steel mills which produced the “thin body steel bar” without qualification is lying in the “standard” boldly on the false counterfeits. And a few “thin body steel bar” incredibly still are “complete formalities”.

    As we have seen, building materials industry in the event that quality problem is not necessarily the lack of system, lack of standards and specifications, but a lack of a firmly supervision “heart”.

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