The method of determine the quality of steel and cutting process requirements

How to determine the quality of steel is
good or bad, this is people most concerned topic, when determining the quality
of steel should pay attention to the following characteristics:

1, the poor quality of steel is easy to appear
folding phenomenon. This phenomenon is generally throughout the entire product
of longitudinal, after bending rupture more easily. This phenomenon is caused
by some manufacturers pursue high efficiency and reduces the strength of steel.

2, there are many hairline cracks in the
surface of low-quality steel. Because most of blank are adobe, under the effect
of thermal stress crack is easy to occur, then making the production of steel
is easy to crack.

3, poor quality steel surfaces often have
crusting, this phenomenon is caused by excessive impurities inside the steel
material, or uneven materials. Using crude production equipment in the
production process is the other major reason.

Steel Cutting Process requirements:

1.       The shearing thickness of the
steel should meet shear force requirements of shears;

2.       Cutting steel should avoid its
blue brittle temperature;

3.       Should be a single block cut,
not overlap shear;

4.       Both sides of the shearing
volume of steel should be consistent;

5.       Considering the shear

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