The introduce of ERW Steel Pipe

Steel Pipe
” is the high-frequency straight seam resistance welding
pipes. The full name of ERW is Electric Resistance Welding, which is used to
transport oil, natural gas and other gas-liquid objects. It can meet various
high, low pressure requirements. Currently it occupies a pivotal position in
the field of delivery tube in the world.

ERW steel pipe is high-frequency resistance
welded steel pipe, which is deferent with ordinary pipe welding process, weld is
made of base material of the main steel body molten, its good mechanical
strength than the average steel pipe.

ERW expressed resistance welding, because
it has high efficiency, low cost, material saving, easy automation of features,
so widely used in aviation, aerospace, energy, electronics, automotive, light
industry and other industrial sectors, which is an important one welding

The biggest difference of ERW steel pipe
and seamless steel pipe is that there
are welds in ERW, this is also the key to ERW steel pipe quality. Modern ERW steel
pipe production technology and equipment, as the international community,
especially unremitting efforts of the United States, seamless of ERW steel pipe
has been a more satisfactory solution.

Currently, the world’s advanced ERW unit
has been widely used geometric seamless to process weld, and has obtained good
results. Quality ERW steel pipe not only unable to distinguish welds, and weld
coefficient reaches one, which achieves the match of regional organizations
weld and base metal.

steel pipe use hot rolled coil as a raw material, uniform thickness can be
controlled within ¡À 0.2mm or so, two-side of steel in accordance with U.S.
standards or GB/T9711.1 APi standards, In recent years, the natural gas
pipeline network and gas companies have been widely adopted as ERW steel pipe as
city main pipe. Currently, most ERW steel pipe of material is carbon steel pipe.

ERW steel pipe

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