The European Steel Union Investigate the Anti-dumping of China Hot &Cold Rolled Pipe

European steel pipe union investigates the anti-dumping of hot & cold rolled pipe exported from China, Russia, Turkey. They said that it has damaged in the local steel factory because of exporting hot rolled pipe from China, Russia, Turkey .

The European steel union said that they pay close attention to the hot rolled steel pipe ,and submit anti-dumping trade case in the expected few months. Although the anti-dumping case of China is very tedious . It is complex to the bilateral and free trade agreement of Russia and Turkey trade case. It is extremely difficult to implement the antidumping case.

Turkey and ECSC signed a free trade agreement in 1996. But Turkey export the hot rolled steel pipe increasely last year . 

Our steel has a great market in Europe this year,  expecially hot & cold rolled steel pipe. This policy will have effect on our export to Europe in the future.

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