The cost of support + increased demand pull into the cycle of domestic steel prices

In the past, TISCO to achieve the waste water, waste recycling, but in the metallurgical smelting dust generated in addition to part of the digestion and absorption of ash, but also commissioned the processing, during processing, due to other units without advanced technology, easy to produce secondary pollution.Metallurgical plant resource DUST officially put into operation, 30,000 tons per year recycled red mud, dust gray stainless steel bars handle 230,000 tons of steel dust ash 25 million tons, 150,000 tons of scrap and slag, to produce molten iron directlysupply of iron steelmaking process, the water discharged into the slag of blast furnace slag fine powder plant TISCO processed into cement raw materials, the resulting gas into the company’s gas pipeline network to use a unified deployment.Since then, TISCO smelting process produces a variety of solid waste will all be recycled.TISCO has also realized the waste water, waste gas and waste all the recycling.

It is understood that the first set of full-featured resource DUST metallurgical plant put into operation, annual production of nickel-chromium hot metal 160,000 tons, 160,000 tons of hot metal general, all of the metallurgical recovery of gray dust, red mud, scrap and residuesshaft furnace as oxygen-rich raw materials, the equivalent of less TISCO purchase ore per year, or 2.665 million tons 533,000 tons ore (grade ore. TISCO will be solid waste as a “new mine” resources in the domestic metallurgical industry alsois a first.

July 16, TISCO metallurgical engineering resources DUST success of the iron furnace A marked TISCO invest in the construction of the first set can handle stainless steel and carbon steel DUST DUST DUST full-featured resource metallurgical plant builtproduction, also marks a major breakthrough TISCO recycling economy, not only to achieve a full recycling of waste, and to achieve the waste water, waste and recycling all waste.

Metallurgical dust from the ash resource TISCO technology jointly developed with German Ke Tena.The process includes brick, smelting, the output of three parts, there are two brick production lines and complete A, B, C three 85 cubic meters of oxygen-rich furnace, mainly for red mud, ash metallurgical dust, scrap, smelting slag and other solid waste.Among them, TISCO metallurgical dust with ash handle steel dust recycling plant ash smelting technology, an international initiative.

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