The Character of ERW-Large Hollow Section-Cold Steel Pipe


Hardness is measured the pointer in soft and hard degree of metal materials soft and hard degree. In the current production, the most commonly used method of hardness is pressure into the hardness method, which is to use certain geometrical shapes of pressure head in a certain load press into the metal material surface,test according to be forced into the degree to determine its hardness value.

The commonly used method are brinell hardness ,rockwell hardness  and vickers hardness  method etc.

 Impact Toughness

Impact load is a role in the parts of the speed to load,impact toughness is metal under impactloading resistance of the destruction ability.



Strength is the metal material under static loading condition —-excessive damage resistance plastic deformation or fracture performance.Because of the role of the load a way to have a stretch,compression,bending,cutting form,so also is divided strength tensile strength,compressive strength,flexural strength,shear strength, etc. All kinds of strength between a link,often used in general more to tensile strength as the most basic strength pointer.



We are specialized in all kinds of steel products,such as ERW steel pipe ,inplate, steel Bars—–round bar,flat bar,deformed bar;steel channel angles;H BEAM IPE IPEAA.


Our ERW steel pipe mill has 20 most advanced welding production lined from home and abroad and equipped with unites of welding pipe production line and high precision vortex flow flaw detectors,advanced sets of inside scarfring tools for tube and CTA forming from USA,also equipped withunites of welding machines which are supplemented with slitting shear ,cold rolling machines and scale free bell type anneal furnace and rools design services, moreover,we have strong technical resources with annual production capacity of 100.00 tons. It has a favorable market in Hot & Cold Rolled Steel Pipe, Fence Pannel, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Pipe, Hollow Steel Pipe of ERW Steel Pipe.

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