The Application of ERW Steel Pipe

1, The general ERW Steel Pipe is used for the general low pressure flow transfers of water, gas, air, oil, and heating steam etc.

2, ERW-BLACK&BRIGHT -COLD&HOT ROLLED ROUND PIPE is the steel pipe of protecting of the electric wire in electric mounting installation for industrial and civil building, installation machine equipment etc.

3, PRE GALVANIZED STEEL PIPE is the steel of paralleling to welding line and steel tube. Usually divided into metric welding tubes, electric welding tube, transformer cooling Tubing etc.

4, Hot Rolled &Cold Rolled ,Black&Bright ,SQUARE ERW PIPE/TUBE is a strip coil as raw material, often warm extrusion molding, to automatically double-wire submerged arc welding process double-sided spiral welded pipe joints, which is with strong pressure ability and good Welding performance .The advantage of Spiral welded pipe is big steel pipe diameter ,high transport efficiency and saving the investment of laying line pipe. The main function is delivering fossil oil and natural gas


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