Steel market weakness to the downside

with the traditional “gold September” demand season , the steel
market in September this year really frustrating, Dominant species thread,
coil, medium plate prices fell sharply, steel market is difficult to escape,
but not too much margin decline in value. steel as a number of steel
Categories, the financial property is far less than the thread, coil, The
general price movements closely associated with the fundamentals, which is the
reason why steel prices are always “slow person, one shot,”. We
are going to analyse the price movements of steel market after the National
Day, the fundamental of information naturally should be considered in the first. Of
course, the external environment can not be ignored. The detail as follows:

output supply diminished, post-tension between supply and demand;

The spot market cutting the price obviously;

Iron ore price decrease, steel production costs down;

Stock price plunged, rolled down the production cost;

5. The
financing side to continue tight, steel trading business difficult to operate;

6. Businesses more pessimistic mood.

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