Steel industry exports 4.44 million tons of steel in July

     July steel bars exports 4.44 million tons, slightly down year on year, growth has improved, the chain increased in June 429 July 150 thousand tons of steel exports is 444 million tons, 429 million tonnes in June, 3.50 percent, up by velocity of -2.42% in June year on year growth rate of -23.67%. Iron ore port stocks continued to rise this year to a higher level of imported ore price rise in July, small and high inventory of repression there is a certain relationship. July domestic ore production chain declined, contributing an ore imports in July, another important reason; Another important reason is that domestic ore production in July, the chain has a certain drop. Although attracted by the high profits to accelerate the expansion of domestic ore production, but the expansion of production capacity, after all, overnight, short-term domestic expansion of mine production capacity limits may encounter limitations.
     Imports 1.24 million tons in July, the chain in June remained stable base of 1.2 million tonnes; July, net exports of 320 million tons, 3.09 million tons in June increased slightly.

    July ore imported 54.55 million tons, down year on year growth rate from 8.31% to 6.38%, rings a small increase in July compared with imports of 54.55 million tons of ore, an increase of 6.38% in June year on year growth rate of 8.31%, the ring last month 51.09 million tons increased 6.77%. Maintain the “neutral” rating although export volume in July increased slightly over the chain expected, but steel prices continued to fall in the current international context, expect foreign demand to continue to provide a larger-than-expected demand growth more difficult. Domestic demand and inflationary pressures are still facing constraints in the domestic steel prices and costs are still higher in the case of flexible space industry recovery is hard, therefore, continue to maintain the industry’s “neutral” rating. (China Securities Journal)

     In July, a decline in domestic production in case of increase in the number of imported ore are mainly the following reasons: Although still higher than the import prices of domestic ore mine, but in July or greater domestic mining, spreads have eased; last year. mid, higher than the domestic prices of imported ore mine, the spread in June led to the expansion of ore imports in June fell one of the main, and this spread level in July with more substantial mitigation, as ore imports in July to stimulate one of the engines. International steel prices fell in July, net exports likely to expand due to rising international prices of long products due to the spread at home and abroad as exports are related to the recent international steel prices continued to decline, the export volume in July increased slightly more than expected but slightly . However, the international steel price index decline was primarily due to plate prices. From the sub-species data, long products index in July there was a certain range of price increases, may lead July exports increase. From this point of view, the comparative advantage of long products both at home and abroad there.


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