steel enterprise as service providers have to pay attention to the

    In the middle position of the industry chain, steel enterprise has been all as a steel producers role, principally for production and processing of raw materials. But in the new competition situation, the steel tube industry has entered the era of small profit. Under the new situation of survival and development, steel enterprise must speed up transformation by the manufacturer to comprehensive service provider. This has become a related to one of the major problems of healthy development of industry. In the just released steel industry “12th five years” development plan, it has put forward requirements. In the “12th five years” period, we should “change the service concept, enhance the service consciousness, and establish steel companies and downstream users strategic cooperation mechanism, develop steel further processing, and perfect the logistics distribution system, promote product value and enterprise service function, promote steel producers to service providers changes”.
   As service provider, it means that companies are no longer simple products for the customer, but products and services of a comprehensive solution; Not “the one hammer” business, but is interdependent long-term cooperation; Not price competition, but let customers gain competitive advantage; Not only meet the current customer demand, but to help customer finding potential requirements. At the same time, as service provider, we should satisfy customer service in the process of feeling. It can let enterprise get the maximum profits.
    I consider, to do well the service provider, the key is think from the interests of the customer, and pay attention to the “customer value idea.
    Customer value theory says, the value is the customers decide. In the customers’ opinions, buying is not completely the product, service itself, but a kind of feeling is more important. And the feeling is very personalized. The recognition becomes value and more buy, and the value is high. Customer value not only is from its core products and additional services, more includes efforts to maintain relationships through the development of good and continuous customer relationship to create enterprise value.”The customer value proposition” is the selling point of the enterprise to provide customers, is the reason why the customers would like to buy your products and services and pay additional price, and why customer would like to pay with a higher price.
    I think, each enterprise of different characteristics, can according to the actual conditions and the different needs of customers, identify the different “customer value idea”. In short, face to face with terminal customers, enterprise should reform the traditional development strategy and look for new winning points. Customers buy and use steel pipe is a complicated process. In addition to product design, and then there’s the shear, delivery and distribution, storage, machining, heat treatment, welding, assembling, etc. Any part will let customer to product produce experience and impressions, and every impression will influence the customer the next choice. Such a complex purchase and use process, the customer focus on value will be more complicated. To meet this kind of complex customer value, that is to make services of the target.
    To truly realize the enterprises and carry out the “customer value proposition”, it need enterprises to establish various business processes to support, to design the reasonable action path and the strong management support. There is no doubt that as long as really realize customer value proposition, it is helpful for enhancing the competitiveness of the whole industry chain and the promotion enterprise’s overall competitive position.

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