South Korea, the prevalence of low-cost sales of cold-rolled industry

       South Korea, the prevalence of low-cost sales of cold-rolled industry, August sales price of cold-rolled producer is lower than July, in order to achieve monthly sales targets, phenomenon of low-priced steel sales growing.

       Former producer of cold-rolled ERW Steel pipe ex-factory price is 1.28 million won / ton, Cold-rolled producer,said that the actual sale price is about 1.2 million won / ton, lowest price is less than 1 million won / ton, 16 million won / ton price increase only reflects the 80,000 won / ton.

       Industry official said, Equipment operating rate dropped to 50% level, demand  was Significantly reduced, In this case, in order to achieve sales targets we had to take low-cost sales,expecting demand to pick up in September.

       On the contrary, China’s steel prices were relatively stable, no fluctuations. Steel production and exports also maintained a good momentum of development such as Tinplate ,Steel Bars and so on.

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