Silicon steel imported from Japan soared,the market share is 20%

Currently, silicon steel imported from Japan soared, June is 4181 tons, compared with January of 2462 ton increase 70%; In July of 5820 tons, compared with January increase 140%. Most of which are non-oriented silicon steel, mainly from China Taiwan and Korea, imports from China of trend was also increasing.

 Since 2005, Japanese imports of silicon steel was 1.6-2.0 million tons, the average annual import volume was 1.7 million tons, 2007 hit a record of 20,000 tons, the average monthly imports of silicon steel was about 1,500 tons. However January to July this year, Japan imported a total of silicon has reached 23,900 tons, exceeding the 2007 record. Which total 10,800 tons imported from South Korea, has exceeded the total amount of 10,200 tons last year, compared to the same period last year growth 2 times; 12,300 tons imported from Taiwan, up 56.1%; 2659 ton imported from Chinas, an increase of 9.49%.If imports continued to increase, the volume of imports this year may reach 5-6 million tons. Currently, non-oriented silicon steel in Japan is expected to demand about 30 million tons, the share of imports may account for about 20%.With the shrinking of Japan’s home appliance industry, the demand for non-oriented silicon steel is also in decline, imports increased pressure on the Japanese blast furnace steel mills.

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