Seven features of wear-resistant plate

1. High wearable performance

Wear-resistant steel plate of wear-layer thickness
is 3-12mm, wearable layer of hardness can reach HRC58-62, wearable performance is
15-20 times higher than ordinary steel, is 5-10 times higher more than low-alloy
steel plate, and is 2-5 times higher more than high chromium cast iron wear
resistance, wearable resistance is much higher than spray and thermal spray etc.

2. Better impact resistance

Wear-resistant plate is a double metal structure,
between wearable layer and the substrate is a high strength metallurgical combination,
which can absorb energy by the impact of the process and wearable ear layer
will not fall off, can be applied to vibration, shock strong working conditions,
this is casting wear-resistant materials and ceramic materials can¡¯t be

3. Good stability

Wear-resistant steel of alloy carbides has
a strong stability at high temperatures, it can be used in 500 ¡æ, other special
requirements of the temperature can be customized to produce, which can meet
the condition of less 1200 ¡æ. Ceramics, polyurethane, polymer materials and other
high-temperature resistant materials can¡¯t meet such requirements.

4. Good connectivity

The substrate of wear-resistant steel is a
common Q235 steel, which ensure wear-resistant steel with toughness and
ductility and offer strength to resist external forces, can take welding, plug
welding, bolting etc. a variety of ways to contact with other structures, connections
are secure, not easy to fall off, connections more than other materials.

5. Good selectivity

Wear-resistant plate can choose different thickness
of substrates, through surfacing the different layers and the thickness of alloy
wearable layer can obtain different thickness and different uses of the plate, maximum
thickness up to 30 mm or more.

6. Good processing performance

Wear-resistant plate can be processed into
different specifications and size according to requirement, it can be
processed, cold forming, welding, bending, etc. and easy to use. You can be welding
molding in spot, repair and replacement work has become more time-saving and
convenient, which greatly reduce the work intensity.

7. Good ratio of price

Wear-resistant steel prices increased
compared to conventional materials, however, considering the product life,
maintenance costs, spare parts costs and downtime, its cost performance is much
higher than ordinary steel and other materials.

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