Self-developed deep-sea oil platforms of steel by the state

Correspondent July 28 learned from the Provincial Science and Technology, H  BEAM  IPEAA with high-strength earthquake, atmospheric corrosion resistance, fire resistance and high strength specifications of the full range of advantages, has won the bid the South China Sea oil drilling platform Liwan 3-1.This is the Maanshan Iron and Steel in May, following the successful drilling platform Panyu, South China Sea after the harvest and a big project.

 Currently, the world’s proven offshore oil and gas resources are mostly hidden in the 1,500 mbelow the seabed, including the South China Sea.As the core technology of deep-sea oil operations have been mastered by a few countries in Europe and America, China’s offshore oil exploration has long been limited by the technology only in coastal waters.In recent years, as China’s oil exploration technology for deep-sea exploration continues, this situation has been fundamentally changed.CNOOC actively seize the opportunity is ripe, the South China Sea oil drilling platform for rapid exploration, design and layout, and domestic steel production, R & D capabilities to conduct research, eager to develop the domestic steel deep-sea oil platforms as soon as steel, import substitution.


     To meet the high demand for deep-sea oil exploration, Tinplate in 2007, the United Nations concerning universities, research institutes, launched a multi-functional building with a high intensity H-beam product development and applied technology research.Science and Technology into the project plans and 863 national scientific and technological support plan, and 43.55 million yuan earmarked to support the development Maanshan Iron and Steel.Maanshan Iron and Steel organizational issues research group of H-shaped steel smelting products, and special billet continuous casting technology, end converter control, LE furnace deep deoxidation refining process and control the final composition of the key aspects of the system analysis, research, especially for breaking H-beam rollingAfter controlled cooling of the world repeated the research problem to explore, and ultimately has its own core technologies to ensure the different specifications, the variety H-beam-controlled cold precision, reach deep sea oil platform steel stringent requirements.In April, Maanshan Iron and Steel Ministry of Science and the project passed the acceptance of the Expert Group.

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