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  • Art No.:OIL0025
  • Brand Name:ONTREND
  • Model:W6-W27
  • Specification:W6-W27
  • Place Of Origin:MADE IN CHINA
  • Certificates:GS, CE
  • Price: USD 380
  • Payment Terms:T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
  • MOQ:1 Meter
  • Delivery Time:45days
  • Supply Ability:100000 Ton/Month
A36,A572,American Standard Wide Flange Beams,

W Beam Dimensions, Properties ,Manufactured according to

1.Standard: ASTM A36,ASTM A992,ASTM A572

2.Grade:A36,Gr.50 or Similar


A36 carbon steel beams are used for support beams and columns in bridges, buildings and other structural applications that require riveting, bolting or welding to join the beams together or to other components.

A992 / A572-50 grade steel is used for I-Beams and H-beams for bridge construction and building frames among other general construction applications

4.Dimensions for W BEAM


45series with more than 177 sizes

W6*8.5 150*100 W12*14 310*100 W16*26 410*140 W21*101 530*315
W6*9 W12*16 W16*31 W21*111
W6*12 W12*19 W16*36 410*180 W21*122
W6*16 W12*22 W16*40 W21*132
W6*15 150*150 W12*26 310*165 W16*45 W21*147
W6*20 W12*30 W16*50 W24*55 610*180
W6*25 W12*35 W16*57 W24*62
W8*10 200*100 W12*40 310*200 W16*67 410*260 W24*68 610*230
W8*13 W12*45 W16*77 W24*76
W8*15 W12*50 W16*89 W24*84
W8*18 200*135 W12*53 310*250 W16*100 W24*94
W8*21 W12*58 W18*35 460*150 W24*103
W8*24 200*165 W12*65 310*310 W18*40 W24*104 610*325
W8*28 W12*72 W18*46 W24*117
W8*31 200*200 W12*79 W18*50 460*190 W24*131
W8*35 W14*22 360*130 W18*55 W24*146
W8*40 W14*26 W18*60 W24*162
W8*48   W18*65 W27*84 690*250
W8*58 W14*30 360*170 W18*71 W27*94
W8*67 W14*34 W18*76 460*280 W27*102
W10*12 250*100 W14*38 W18*86 W27*114
W10*15 W14*43 360*200 W18*97 W27*129
W10*17 W14*48 W18*106    
W10*19 W14*53 W18*119    
W10*22 250*145 W14*61 360*250 W18*130    
W10*26 W14*68 W21*44 530*165    
W10*30 W14*74 W21*50    
W10*33 250*200 W14*82 W21*57    
W10*39 W14*90 360*370 W21*55 530*210    
W10*45 W14*99 W21*62    
W10*49 250*250 W14*109 W21*68    
W10*54   W14*120 W21*73    
W10*68   W14*132 W21*83    
Packing Details
Packing: Ton  Packing Length: 0 mm
Packing Width: Packing Height: 0 mm
Net Weight:  kgs Gross Weight:  kgs
weight 3-5MT max per bundle
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