Printing Tinplate and Tincan Accessories

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Printing Tinplate and Tincan Accessories

Printing Tinplate

Printing Tinplate Services :

Our company ffers the tinplate coating and printing services.

Processed tinplate is used in the manufacturing of metal packaging for food, drinks,

and industrial items: from bottle closures to cans of paint and aerosol.

Coating and printing services can be carried out either on our tinplate or one provided by the customer

Our Company pays attention to every step of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to printing supplements.

Different sizes  and Grades of tinplate:



Tinplate can be coated differently as in drawings; partly or completely.

Wide coating assortment and color assortment:

*Matte or glossy

*For contact with food or industrial materials

*Coatings requested by the client may be used

*Enough “Pantone” colours available

*Unlimited number of colours in one design

Besides Pinting and Coating Tinplate Services, Cans Accessories also availables.


*Lift handles with different types

*iron ears  with different types

*designed ones