Heat Insulation Prepainted Steel Coils

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Heat Insulation Prepainted Steel Coils

Prepainted Steel Coil

Definitions Heat Insulation Prepainted Steel Coils
 pre-painted steel sheets all use a 2 coat 2 bake system (2C2B) with solar reflective pigments infused into topcoats such as Polyester(PE),Silicone Modified Polyester(SP) and Fluorocarbon (VF)respectively. 20 means
dry film thickness of topcoats mentioned above.As for the substrates, except for hot-dip zinccoated steel sheets, a letter suffix F or L following the
number 20 refer to 5% Al-Zn alloy and 55% Al-Zn alloycoated steel sheets respectively. With high solar reflectance and high thermal emittance, it can reduce the heat transfer to interior and lower air-conditioning expense
1.High TSR (TSR, total solar reflectance)-
The average total solar reflectance of 0.25 or more.Different colors have different TSR parameter.For more information,please ctc with us.
2.Indoor temperature reduction( T) -Cooling effciency compared with conventional coated steel sheets are show below :
Item Heat Insulation Conventional PE/SMP/PVDF Coatings
Cool Effects    (by colors) cool down 1-50C no cool effects
TSR(%) Initial reflectance >=25%
3 years later >=20%
pre-painted steel coils are suitable for roofing and siding applications in light industrial, residential, suburban and agricultural areas.They can be used in the
manufacture of the storerooms and garages that require thermal insulation.
Type of Base Metal
Electro Galvanized base metal,Cold-rolled base metal,hot dipped zinc coated base metal,hot dipped Al-Zn base metal
Types of  top coatings
Surface Treatment
Metal Embossed,Cedar Wood,Stucco,Leather,Protective film can be applied
Coating Thickness
Primer:PU or Epoxy 5micro
Back Primer:PU or Epoxy 2micro
Back Coate:PU or Epoxy 5-12micro


Generally speaking,reflection factors depend on the colors.Compared with dark

colored steel sheets, lighter colored steel sheets reflect more heat and

contribute more cool effects. If you have any further questions,Pls inform us.