Nickel plated steel sheets

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Nickel plated steel sheets

Nickel plated steel sheet

Standard&Grade:equal to JIS G3141,SPCC,SPCD

Chemical Composition
Type C Mn P S Fe
SPCC Less than 0.15 Less than 0.60 Less than 0.100 Less than 0.035 Bal
SPCD Less than 0.10 Less than 0.50 Less than 0.040 Less than 0.035 Bal

Tamper Grade:S,1 ,2,4.

Surface Finish: Dull Finish,Bright Finish

Processing:General Ni Plating and Diffusion Annealed Nickel Plating

Plating thickness:

Plating Thickness
Plating Thickness Plating Thickness
same amount for Top/Bottom different amount for Top/Bottom
Plating Thickness (µm) Plating Weight (g/m²)
0.25/0.25 2.23/2.23 Please contact us if different plating thickness is required on each side.
0.5/0.5 4.45/4.45
1.0/1.0 8.9/8.9
2.0/2.0 17.8/17.8
3.0/3.0 26.7/26.7
4.0/4.0 35.6/35.6
5.0/5.0 44.5/44.5
6.0/6.0 53.4/53.4
10.0/10.0 89.0/89.0

Available Size Range

Nickel platNickel plated steel sheetsed steel sheet

Applications for Nickel plated steel sheets

Battery Parts Flat Parts Vehicle Parts Electrical and Electronic Parts Stationery