API 5L,API 5CT Hot Rolled Steel Pipe

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Hot Rolled Steel Pipe

hot rolled steel pipe


API 5L,API SPEC 5CT, GB/T3087 ,GB/T8163, GB/T8162

Q235~Q345 10#~45# A25~X70
or agreed

8000~12000mm or agreed

Hot rolled steel pipe specification

The pipe body are heated to 910℃-950℃ wholly and then stretch reduction.

No. O.D.× Wall Thickness (mm) No. O.D.× Wall Thickness (mm)
1 89×46 14 325×612
2 114.3×46 15 340×612
3 133×46 16 351×612
4 141.3×46 17 355.6×612
5 159×48 18 377×612
6 165×47 19 406.4×612
7 168.3×47 20 426×612
8 177.8×47 21 457×612
9 219.1×610 22 508×612
10 245×610 23 530×612
11 273×610 24 559×612
12 299×612 25 610×612
13 323.8×612 26 630×612

Hot rolled steel pipe

Introduction to Hot Rolled Steel Pipe

The product uses high-quality rolled plate. After it is proved to be qualified through review,

it performs slitting, automatic molding and fusion welding. At the best fusion temperature

under computer control, remove the burr inside and outside steel pipe and the steel pipe

that is proved to be qualified after nondestructive test is heated up to 910°C-950°C

and hardly oxidized. The descaling through multi-pass rolling of stretch-reducing mill

make the metallographic structure, grain condition, geometric dimension

and mechanical property of steel pipe uniform. The product carries out the standard of

API SPEC 5L, API SPEC 5CT and EN10217 and is widely applied to flammable

or nonflammable fluid transporting pipelines, boiler and steel structure.

The product fills in domestic blank. There are four production lines with

an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons ofφ89-φ630mm hot rolled steel pipe.

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