Making great achievements of steel in new building in China

Construction is the largest steel consumption industries inChina, which is low cost, low consumption development of efficient economical steel used in steel used, speed up the varieties and renewal pace, to promote the sustainable development of steel industry has important strategic significance.

 For high strength multi-functional building h-beam, low cost saving hot-rolled ribbed reinforcement, steel structure fittings with low cost high strength the conditioning cold heading steel and other products, and carried out the smelting, rolling and application technology research, has formed a with independent intellectual property rights of the efficient economical steel used low-cost production of complete sets of core technology, hot rolling steel, built the hot rolling h-beam, high speed wire rod three demonstration production line.

 Efficient economical steel used in product development and application research, remarkably raised the our country steel product research and development ability, promote the accounts for 54% of the steel production inChinasteel used upgrade products.

 H BEAM IPE IPEAA is the popular item with favorable market in Ontrend Industrial Limited. Ontrend Industrial Limited, Bermet China, member of BERMET MANAGEMENTAS in Estona, Tallinn, established since 2007.We have more than 15years operating history in the field of steel international trade and acts today in China,Czech Republic and Estonia. 

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