Sep 15th,2015,Baosteel annouced its Oct steel product selling policy.adjust the price for the main kind of steel.While keep the HR products price stable for the monther mill,baosteel down the price 100RMB/MT for auto using steel,down100-200RMB/MT for pickeled steel,down 200RMB/MT for HDG steel  and color coated steel.Meanwhile downing the price, baosteel also give big discount for the pre-odering agent 60-100RMB/MT discount.

Wisco also published their Oct steel price policy same day.Down 100RMB/MT for Deformed bar,Wire rod,Hot rolled steel strips,Down 50RMB/MT for Carbon round bar and high carbon Round Bar.

Different to Baosteel and Wisco.Other state owned mills takes actions to fix the lowest selling price to their selling agents.We get news from HEBEI steel,the selling agent will be stopped giving products if their selling price lower than the fixed price.Also Yongfeng mill,Branch of SHANDONG Steel also informed their selling agents,if they not follow the new price policy to sell,they will be stopped products giving and also will be fine 10,000-30,000RMB as punishment.

Analyst thought all these policies just to stable the market.this won’t effect the market so much.

Currently the sales wants to rise the price,but with rising the sales is bad.No one want to stock the material with current situation :”supplying is much bigger than the request”.Market will come to its own way anyhow .although the State mills wants to use this kind of price policy to stable the market/

Some says, Full decline of China steel request just start,the bad situation in the manufaturing industry will make this situation even serious.With the worse of financial sitaution from the mills, Large are production stopping maybe will appear,this will effect the request for the iron ore last.

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