Korean suppliers of hot-rolled are focused on purchasing secondary products

         South Korea cold-rolled and pre-painted products supplier are focused on purchasing secondary products by sub-supplier.This phenomenon stems from suppliers  increasingly dissatisfied for Producers significantly reduced trading volume in the Auction Site. Steel pipe producers decreased cargo of cold-roll since last month,but the suppliers are interested in these products, which led to the intensity of competition in supplier transactions is reduced.

         In addition, the manufacturer’ limits rule for suppliers in the online auction is one of the reasons lead to suppliers lose interest in auction. For example, in Pohang’ auction site, if the winning bidder without payment after 3 days,which can not participate the auction in the next week.

         Suppliers say, even though they can understand the position of manufacturers that there are many secondary supplier in online auctions, but to they themselves,they are easy to get secondary products such as ERW Steel pipe and Steel Bars in the general market. Many suppliers say, if they get many secondary products in the market, their share about general specifications products in the market will increase.

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