Japan has strengthened steel for offshore wind power research

Recently, the Japanese national project
“Floating form of offshore wind power research” of the launching
ceremony was held in Fukushima Onahama Port. The project of floating form offshore
wind platforms mounted on 20 kilometers outside of Port Onahama, shipped from
Chiba of 2MW wind power equipment will be combined with the 66kV substation
floating body binding shipped from Yokohama, and recently officially to run and
generate electricity.

This project is participated by NSSC, Japan
JMU (Japan Marine United) company, Mitsui shipbuilding etc. 10 enterprises and the
University of Tokyo. NSSC is primarily responsible for the development of
high-performance steel. The project of 2MW Floating form of offshore wind power
equipment requires high strength plate of 2000 tons. In the field of ocean
energy steel, NSSC can take advantage of shipbuilding plate processing
technology, in achieving high welding workability, cost reduction at the same
time, fully considering the impact of wind wave adaptability, and the
development of new steel materials.

The project is scheduled to start 7WM floating
form of wind power projects in next year, each machines required 3,000 tons of plate,
with wire and rod totally mounted about 20,000 tons. As new materials of the
world’s largest offshore wind power equipment, required both the performance of
high strength and high toughness to meet structure requirement of marine wind
power. In the process of popularity of offshore wind power, the production cost
is also very important, so it must vigorously reducing costs while ensuring excellent
performance. Meanwhile, in the offshore construction need to consider the
weather conditions. In order to shorten the construction period should greatly
improve the steel welding performance and workability. The strength of steel must
have resistance of seawater and wind. Britain is studying the construction of seabed
fixed wind power, this requires more steel, therefore, the global offshore wind
power market prospects timber.

NSSC engineering company is very concerned about
offshore wind power project, in order to exert its marine towing and tethered
etc. marine construction advantages to explore new markets. In this project, 2MW
Floating form of offshore wind power equipment from Tokyo sea lead to Fukushima
fixed, now is taking enhanced measures. The company will focus on strengthening
the development of marine wind power projects, intends to use existing
strengths to enhance the design, equipment manufacturing and construction, especially
for floating form of offshore wind power from traction to fixed mooring of the
main construction work carry out full summary, to promote the rapid development
of the company’s business.

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