International financial turbulence, affect the steel industry

International financial turbulence, in reference to the UK Steel Association CRU commodity research data that the international steel market weakness in early August run.Data show that mid-point of 200.3 CRU index fell 3.8% on the chain.Where: Asian index 220.1 points, down 1.2% on the chain; Europe index 186.6 points, down 3.8% on the chain; North America index 179.5 points, down 9% on the chain.
          China Steel company that the Asian steel (4882,59.00,1.22%) strong trend, the recent trend will continue rise disk.In early August, some varieties of Chinese exports of steel price increases.Recently, the Chinese HRC export price rose Korea 10-20 U.S. dollars / ton, quoted in the mainstream $ 700 / ton (CFR) above, to Japan and South Korea’s steel exports to the offer in early July were also up more than 15-20 U.S. dollars / tonand 1000-2000 yen / ton.
          Vulnerable to run the European market in August.However, according to current prices of some products close to the bottom, the three major steelmaker and Russia jointly called on Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan Customs Union to take action on China steel imports and other factors, CISA is expected to show a steady rise of the European steel market trends.

          In the United States, and sovereign debt crisis in the credit crisis, the sheet prices fell sharply.China Steel Association estimated that the U.S. is about to round down the price sheet ended in September is expected to usher in a rebound.And because low inventories in the United States threaded pipe, and last month, the U.S. steel scrap prices have been stable, which also support the stable operation of the steel market, China Steel Association expects long products prices will rebound.The recent American steel market will continue to trend sideways.
        It is reported that China Steel Harbor, Thai Ministry of Commerce recently announced the launch of anti-dumping investigation of five products, including: from China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and China Taiwan and other places of copperplate paper and paperboard; from China, Korea and China Taiwan cold roll and galvanized, aluminum plate; in domestic hot rolled boron, as well as in the domestic motorcycle rubber products.Thai Commerce Ministry officials said the completion of the investigation of Appeal take about one year, such as survey results show that there are price dumping and damage to domestic industry, the Thai government will impose anti-dumping duties accordingly.

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