In September, China steel export, iron ore import are growing up

to Customs statistics, in September exports of steel is 4.21 million tons,
compared with August, an increase of 2 million tons, up 39.87% over the same
period last year. Total exports of 37.15 million tons
from January to September, an increase of 9.5%. In September, China imported
1.33 million tons of steel, compared with August decreased about 2 million
tons, up 0.76% over last year. January to September total imports
11.96 million tons, down 4.3%. September exports of billet is still
zero, imports 30 thousand tons of steel billets in September, January to
September imported a total of 430,000 tons, down 2.0% from a year earlier. September,
China’s export of coke is 140,000 tons, down 110,000 tons. Total exports of
3.01 million tons from January to September, an increase of 24.4%. 60.57
million tons of iron ore imports in September, an increase of 148 over last
month tons, an increase of 15.15%. January to September total imports of 508.08
million tons, an increase of 11.1%. 

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