In 2017 the global market demand of steel pipe is expected to 151 million tons

 Famous Industry analysis organization —-Global Industry analysis (GIA) latest report points out that, thanks to the oil and gas Industry and building Industry prosperity and infrastructure development project increases, the global market demand of steel pipe is expected to 151 million tons in 2017. Among them the asia-pacific region and Europe needs share most. The fastest growth is for the asia-pacific region, and Latin America. China, India and other countries for infrastructure investment drive, steel pipe market demand is strong.

    In foreign countries, North America would have be the important demand area of the  domestic high frequency welding seam straight steel. Now, with steady economic growth, the rapid population increases and the improvement of the standard of living push oil and natural gas energy demand growth, and gradually rising oil and natural gas prices on exploration activities support, all of those factors will pull oil pipe demand. In addition, governments on energy security investment increase is expected to bring stable demand. In developing countries, the growth of steel tube demand mainly for more than 25 years of changing existing pipeline system produces steel pipe demand.

Specific to China, India and other countries, the steady economic growth, the huge population base and large-scale infrastructure investment is to promote steel pipe is the main reason for the market demand.

    GIA data showed that the future steel pipe production enterprises are facing huge market opportunity. With advanced producing technology, good reputation enterprise future products have won the next six years with an average annual high growth opportunities. At present, there are many high quality domestic steel pipe industry, such as Shandong victory steel pipe, Zhujiang steel pipe, Zhejiang jinzhou pipeline company are listed in Hong Kong or mainland China’s stock market.

    Recently, Jiangsu Yulong steel pipe Co., LTD has also proposed to China securities regulatory commission listed application, and get through audit into the issue stage. According to its prospectus, this company is the top three and continuous on three years (2008 ~ 2010) in the same in the welding of steel pipe varieties, comprehensive scale, market share; According to Shanghai steel pipe industry association, the company in the variety of welded pipe comprehensive scale, sales, profit tax amount and market share in the integrated rank 2008 ~ 2010 three years in a row first in east China.  In the report period (2008 ~ 2010), the company operating profit present a steady growth. From August 2010 to July 2011, the company sales contract total more than 500 million yuan RMB.

    It is reported that Jiangsu yulong steel pipe was identified as the home power grid “Anhui electricity to the engineering with straight steel pipe tower seam welded pipe project” of the bag 4 and bag 7 supplier through competitive negotiation, which will provide direct seam welded pipe 32000 tons, ¦µ 377-¦µ 508 straight resistance welding seam steel 16900 tons, and ¦µ 762-¦µ 965 straight submerged arc welding seam steel 15300 tons. This also lay a foundation for the company into the power tower engineering field .

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