Huge Development of Shandong Steel

     In 2010, Shangdong metal and metal team realizes coordination advantage RMB 1.37 last twelve weeks by means of unified operation belonging using the budget center, procurement center, marketing and marketing center, operation coordination center quickly after integrating jinan, ZhangDian, laiwu metal enterprise.Group fund center using the benefit of team operation, recognize coordination advantage RMB 449 million by means of the unified funding and credit, the actions of fighting for preferential consciousness percentage for lending options and minimizing the normal operating money .Procurement center recognize coordination advantage RMB 302 millionfor extended association in 2010 to 3.9 million tons of ore assets incremental coal resources, the best awesome incremental 950000 tons, reduce cost increment of 2.45 million tons, domestic ore and some twenty yuan/ton resources-30 yuan/tons of preferential prices.

      However, operating coordination center negotiate using the port authority and cargo brokers producing complete use from the scale benefit of mountain metal imports ore to cut back negotiations fee, cargo company fee. plus they optimize the harbor products places to raise the place cargo as well as the shipments of Qingdao, rizhao port .They also hold out the cotransport of different subsidiaries, marketing the cooperation in between acreage and consuming water transport multimodal transport, realizing coordination advantage RMB320 million.

     The restructuring integration of Shandong metal celebration recognize within a bigger place of source allocation and specialized division of labor, providing the ailments participates even although available in the marketplace opposition with drastically more large-scale, reduced costs, increased overall performance and drastically more acceptable plan .

     Our ERW steel pipe mill has 20 most advanced welding production lined from home and abroad and equipped with unites of welding pipe production line and high precision vortex flow flaw detectors, advanced sets of inside scarfring tools for tube and CTA forming from USA, also equipped withunites of welding machines which are supplemented with slitting shear ,cold rolling machines and scalefree bell type anneal furnace and rools design services, moreover, we have strong technical resources with annual production capacity of 100.00 tons.


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