Hot Rolled Strip Steel Product Introduction

Hot Rolled Strip Steelproducts, is mainly for the slab (casting billet) as raw material, through heat by roughing and finishing made strip steel group.

 From fine rolling last frame of steel rolling mill out heat with through the laminar cooling to set temperature, a steel mill roll by strip coil, cooling steel strip coil, according to the different needs of customers, through different finishing line (level off, straightening, crosscut or the longitudinal cutting, inspection, weighing, packaging and mark etc) processing and become a steel, flat steel belt of the longitudinal cutting coupons and the products.

 Due to strip steel product has high strength, toughness, and easy to processing molding and good weldability, etc, and the excellent properties of north widely used in ship, automobile, Bridges, buildings, machinery, pressure vessel and other manufacturing industries. Along with the hot rolling size accuracy, the shape, the surface quality and control the growing sophistication of new technology and new products constantly, strip steel, came out with products to get more and more extensive application in the market and has more and more competitive.

General descriptions strip steel products, steel grade.these steel specification variety, wide applications, from the general engineering structure to car, Bridges, ships, boiler pressure vessel etc make, got a lot of use. All kinds of different USES of the steel plate material properties and surface quality and size and shape precision requirements also each are not identical, therefore, must be of hot steel products, material qualitative, characteristics and application to understand somewhat, to do economic and reasonable use.

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