Hebei Steel control the amount of 5 billion tons resources tell us what

     As the saying
goes: the hands have a grain, hearts do not panic. However, as an important
pillar industry of national economy, the steel pipe industry because of the “food shortage” problem of iron ore, have
threatened the entire steel industry chain¡¯s security. The data show that in
2010, due to the problem of iron ore, the profit of iron and steel enterprises
in China
was less than 1 / 12  of the three mining
giants, individual companies or even were at the verge of collapse.
    High dependence on foreign mine, the
fact of international iron ore oligopoly, which is the status quo of China’s steel tube industry facing over the past decade,
but also the future development of China’s iron and steel enterprises need most
urgently to be solved. So, how can we effectively crack this “food
shortages” of the bottleneck?
    Recently, a good news was come from
Hebei Iron and Steel Group:
—- Through the development of resources strategy, the iron ore resources
control quantity had increased from the beginning of 8.89 million tons to the
current 50 million tons, up 462%. In the ¡°12th five years plan¡±, the iron
powder production capacity will reach 3500 million tons.
—- Total assets of the subordinate mining companies had increased from $ 3.9 billions
three years ago to 200 billion yuan, up 413%, equity from 26.5 billion yuan to
8.2 billion yuan, an increase of 209%, achieved a high level of state-owned
assets increasing the value.
—- January to September this year, the cumulative profit had 1.839 billion
yuan mining, the average level over the previous year and increased profits 607
million yuan, an increase of 49.28%.
    In the current era of low-profit
Steel, why Hebei Iron and Steel Group¡¯s scenery is good? What kind of mystery
they have?
    Hebei Province
has the country’s most abundant iron ore reserves. According to statistics, before
the Hebei Iron and Steel setting up, the annual national output of iron ore was
588.17 million tons, which produced 249.52 million tons in Hebei Province,
accounting for 42.4% of national output. Unique resource conditions for the
rise of Hebei
steel industry provides a solid support.

    Domestic mines has the has inadequate investment for a
long time, equipment level is not high, and equipments have aging seriously, which
is largely restricted the development of mines. Although in recent years, with
the rapid rise in international prices of iron ore, mining equipment¡¯s upgrading
significantly faster, mining investment has increased significantly year by
    But to build such a huge amount of
mining, can the current mining equipment level meet the mine’s development of Hebei
Iron and Steel? Mines to be developed, equipment are guaranteed. Hebei Iron and
Steel answer is: to speed up the industrial upgrading equipment and technology,
have high starting point plan, high-quality and high efficiency to promote mine
construction, Actively cooperate with domestic and foreign first-class
equipment manufacturers, research institutes and financial unit, bold use of
domestic and foreign large-scale, modern equipment, new mines armed.
    For the transformation of old mine
technology, combined with the phasing out technological transformation and
equipment overhaul of outdated equipment, the equipment has escalating energy
consumption while achieving a purpose. With the large number of international
and domestic advanced equipment put into use, production and construction of
Hebei Iron and Steel Group mines even has more powerful, strong support from
the goal of building a first-class mine.
Will mine development take the past path?
    Mine is the industry which accounted
more areas, has large emissions, and relatively heavy polluting. Over the
years, mine is seriously lagging behind, mode of development is very extensive,
large area, random emissions, pollution are commonplace.
    How to have an intensive development of
scientific path? Hebei Iron and Steel industry prove that with a practical
action. Being mining and manufacturing in both, technology and transformation
in parallel, economic and social benefits in both, a “Technology
Mining” shipped in Hebei.
    They also stay in the first edge of
technology, a change in the plain areas close to the the original design of construction
of open-pit mine waste dump, tailings, a large number of cultivated land
occupied, pioneered using the building collapse pit mining tailings design.
    They take concrete actions to put development
concept of “technology mining operation” into practice, once again
win national support. October 31, Hebei Iron and Steel allowed the construction
of Hebei Jidong area iron ore resources comprehensive utilization demonstration
base, the base is the only one in Hebei
Province which is
officially approved as the first national demonstration base of comprehensive
utilization of mineral resources.

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