Green Development Still Is the Urgent Task of Steel Industry

In 2000, China’s national economic value is 992 million yuan, in 2009 is up to 33.5 trillion yuan, increased 2.38 times, over the same period, the growth in domestic market ERW steel pipe consumption and the market demand, the market is139 million tons in 2000, increased to 565 million tons in 2009, increased 3.07 times, supporting the China’s national fast yet steady economic development. In 2000, the domestic steel domestic market share only 88.7% in 2009, rising to 97.43% in the year to November to 97.87%. Started from 2005, our country by a large number of importers, the steel products have been transformed into a net exporter of continuous many years. Steel and iron industry development in our country basically meet theChina’s national economic and social development of steel products quality, variety, number progress needs.


Steel and iron industry go green road of development, reducing energy consumption of resources, the intensity and the carbon intensity of the industry, strictly controling the output of all industry rapid growth, continue to die out the backward and low levels of capacity, and controlling the industry total energy and emissions of pollutants reasonably, the industry total progress energy utilization. From our steel industry facing energy, and resources environment seriously restrict reality, during the twelfth five- years plans, the industry must carry out the control of steel production, increasing the total amount for energy conservation and emissions reduction efforts.




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