Govt may cut 5% work on TMBP

The government is likely to decrease traditions work from current 15 % to 10 % on additional excellent Tin Work Dark-colored Menu (TMBP) targeted at defending regional industry developing electronic tinplate. Formal sources told Business Camera, Siddiqsons Tin Menu Limited (STPL) (single manufacturer), contacted National Contract cost Commission (NTC) to offer tariff security to the home industry developing excellent and additional excellent Tinplate.

 The same is used in making of cans/containers for product packaging of food, natural, shows and many others. The candidate expected NTC to decrease traditions work from 15 % to 0-5 % on transfer of additional excellent Tin Work Dark-colored Menu (TMBP) to secure the home industry. TMBP is the significant raw content for additional tin dish which is brought in at 15 % concessionary amount of Customs work, while the finished good, ie additional excellent tinplate is brought in @ 20 % governmental amount of traditions work. The security edge of 5 % is not sufficient to secure the ETP.

 The candidate suggested that the industry was not competitive against transfer in home industry. NTC performed a public hearing with all relevant stakeholders as per NTC’s procedure and determined as under in its report placed at Annex-I: The present capacity utilisation of home industry is around 30 % whereas significant home demand of additional excellent tinplate is met by the brought in ETP because of high under invoicing. The home industry consists of both top excellent and additional excellent tinplate. But additional excellent tinplate industry is extremely covered with brought in item and home business in the additional excellent tinplate is reducing over a time period due to uncompetitive cost; the home industry, in case of additional excellent tinplate is at drawback at evaluated value as well as at announced cost against imports.

According to NTC, seemingly the announced cost of brought in tinplate is under-invoiced, as there is a significant difference in the announced cost and evaluated value. The evaluated value can secure the regional industry better by a edge of 6 % to 10 % but still cannot offer a level-playing field to home industry. On the other hand the evaluated value system is simply temporary; hence, the security needs to be provided in the tariff. 

On the basis of conclusions, NTC has published following recommendations; 

(i) amount of traditions work on additional excellent Tin Work Dark-colored Menu (TMBP) may be reduced from current 15 % to 10 % for industrial users of the electrolytic tinplate; 

(ii) abnormality in the revenue tax on feedback and outcome may be eliminated. The final revenue tax is assessed at 16 % while on its raw content TMBP, the revenue tax is assessed at 19.5 %. 

The Sales Tax may be brought at par to remove the abnormality. It is relevant to mention here that, during the year 2009-10, NTC performed a detailed study on the ask for of the same candidate and recommended decrease of traditions work from 20 % to 10 % on transfer of additional excellent TMBP. However, the NTC suggestions were only partly applied by decrease of traditions work to 15 % by the administration in Budget 2010-11. 

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