Global the first team extrusion W steel was born in taigang

        Recently, TISCO stainless steel company successfully overcome a worldwide technical problems, developed the world’s first W-beam steel produced with the extrusion machine. Products are mainly used in nuclear fission reactors of the pipe stand, the successful development of the product fills the gaps in the world.

        W-beam as a third-generation AP1000 nuclear power plant steam turbine power generation system, residual heat removal heat exchanger steel support pieces, has been added by the hot end into a W-beam welding process. On the one hand the high cost of hot-rolled, on the other hand welding thick material also increases the difficulty and the risk, which is far greater than the seamless piece. In order to provide better, more practical profiles for build of nuclear power plants, the company took more than six months working on their own mold design and development, independent development production process, using 60 MN extrusion machine equipment advantage to constantly optimize heating technology and extrusion process, the design of the mould has been a breakthrough development.The steel have inscribed circle large diameter and wall thin, extrusion than big etc. characteristics, which more than ever before in W steel can meet the needs of the construction of nuclear power plants.

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