Global steel industry remain cautiously optimistic about the future

Iron and Steel Institute short-term report shows, Global steel consumption
remain growth strong in 2011, an increase of 6.5%, total reach 1.398 billion
tons; The 2012 growth will slow to 5.4%, the total amount of 1.474
billion tons. Six months ago, the agency forecast that in 2011 growth of 5.9%
to 1.359 billion tons, 2012 increased 6% to 1.441 billion tons.

 IISI Economic Committee
Chairman Daniel Dirk Nagel said, first half of 2011,
despite Japan’s earthquake, the debt crisis in Europe, West Asia North Africa
of political instability, the government implemented some emerging economies,
tighter monetary policy and other unfavorable factors, Global steel demand
still continues to growth, the reason is inventory recovery and
some countries economic stimulus policies.

 Director General of the
International Iron and Steel Association, Edwin Parsons said, As
the global financial market turbulence and possible impact on the real economy,
global economic growth, increasing the uncertainty faced by the International
Iron and Steel Association forecasts should be regarded as “cautiously

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