French crude steel production in August rose about 20%

        September 15, the French Steel Federation (FFA) released the latest data of crude steel production. In August this year Frence crude steel production reached 1,027,750 tons, rose 19.7%, down 30%. In July, France’s crude steel output reached 1,465,700 tons, up 13.6% year on year, compared with May a basic level has not changed. July and August, the French electric arc furnace steel production respectively rose 20.9% and 53.7% to 549,300 tons and 230,450 tons, Output of blast furnace up to 916,400 tons of and 797,300 tons, rose by 9.6% and 12.5%.

       The first eight months of this year, crude steel output reached 10,603,750 tons in France, rose 2.3%. The same period, electric arc furnace steel production rose 15.6% to reach 4,046,850 tonnes, blast furnace of steel production reached 6,556,900 tons, up 4.5%. French Iron and Steel Union also announced the first six months of this year crude steel production in France fell 18.8% over the same period in 2008.

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